Bridal Wear

Whether gracing the bridesmaids or donning the bride herself, this category captures every look for walking down the aisle.

Business/Day Wear

Stylish, practical jewelry perfectly suited for work and for play. Entries should possess simple elegance for a woman on the move.


This category represents timeless style. Whether a string of Pearls or an elegant pendant, Classical entries strike the balance of traditional feel with a modern twist.

Evening Wear

Pieces in this category fall nothing short of spectacular. Entries can range from red carpet fabulous to stunningly chic– and all must have exceptional color.

Men's Wear

Men’s fashion is heightened by the savvy style of the modern man who sports jewelry. Entries in this category, ranging from rings to bracelets, cufflinks to belt buckles, express the myriad ways a gentleman can express himself.

AGTA Cutting Edge Awards™

A special division of The AGTA Spectrum Awards™, the AGTA Cutting Edge Awards™ are dedicated exclusively to the lapidary arts.

Classic Gemstones

Open to outstanding examples of Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires featuring traditional gemstone cutting techniques.

All Other Faceted Gemstones

Open to any extraordinary faceted gemstone featuring traditional gemstone cutting techniques.

Phenomenal Gemstones

Open to any phenomenal gemstone (link to phenomenal gemstone description/page) featuring traditional gemstone cutting techniques.

Pairs & Suites

Open to any two or more gemstones to be judged as a set.

Innovative Faceting

Open to any gemstone featuring innovative faceting and lapidary techniques.


Open to any natural gem material carved in any style.

Objects of Art

Open to carvings, bowls, sculptures, intarsia, etc., of gem materials not intended to be worn. Objects may incorporate metal, wood or other non-gem materials as base, frame or decorative components.