When I spoke to Jaimeen Shah of @primagemsusa about the history of his business, his experience with AGTA, and his proudest accomplishments in the industry thus far, he pulled out his personal collection of gemstones. Some of these stones are rare material, some are rare because of size, and some hold emotional significance. These two Mahenge Lotus Garnets have an emotional significance to Jaimeen. The stones represent the collaborative success he had in marketing with #AGTAmember @parlegems . Together @primagemsusa & @parlegems established this new pinkish orange – orangish pink garnet in the market as a garnet comparable in color to a fine Padparadscha sapphire, morganite, or Imperial topaz. Jaimeen keeps a few pieces of Lotus Garnet for himself as a reminder of his success and the important connections he has made that led him there. Read the full @primagemsusa #AGTAMemberprofile – link in bio. See our IG stories for even more on Jaimeen’s story and Prima Gems USA. • • #ddxagta #addmorecolortoyourlife #buyagta #lotusgarnet #garnet #gemlover #mahengegarnet

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