The Jewelers Circle Announces Online Trading Platform Created for the Trade by the Trade

October 19, 2020 (New York, NY) – The Jewelers Circle announces the launch of its international online trading platform intended to expand the trade show model in support of the jewelry industry’s current needs. Recognizing a demand for a safe alternative to in-person trade events, where the fine and antique jewelry industry can source and sell products, gemstones, timepieces and other collectibles, The Jewelers Circle created this digital environment that allows approved vendors the ability to do so.

Developed for the trade by the trade, The Jewelers Circle aims to help its exhibitors reach new clients, and to help retailers and other trade professionals enlarge their network for sourcing and comparing goods. In a time where traveling and attending shows have become limited to impossible, this portal will enable transactions and connections that would normally take place at traditional trade shows. The platform utilizes proprietary technology designed with the direct input of the founders of the newly formed International Antique Jewelry Association (IAJA) to ensure easy navigation and an overall seamless experience.

“Trade shows have long been a vital source in sustaining our industry,” says Marianne Fisher, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Jewelers Circle. “As members of the jewelry trade ourselves, we understand the significance of these events to our business, and, more than ever, the need to find new ways of connecting. Our platform follows the model of the traditional trade show, and takes it to the next level by offering tools available year-round right at the user’s fingertips.”

The Jewelers Circle Platform at a Glance:

– Online Trade Shows: Every 4-5 weeks, the platform will host a 4-day online trade show where retailers and trade professionals are invited to engage with exhibitors. Exhibitors will showcase rare finds, new products and collections during these shows. Visitors can browse thousands of listings through powerful sorting filters and searches, and then save items to a personal product “watchlist”.

– Exhibitor “Booths”: Exhibitors have access to the platform 24/7/365. Each exhibitor’s virtual “booth” will always be open for business.

– Networking: Both exhibitors and visitors have access to the entire platform and may place “calls” for specific items, either posting to the entire global network or targeting specific exhibitors.

– Security: For the safety and security of all users, potential subscribers must submit an application to access the site. Subscriptions will be considered upon furnishing proof of business, identity, and three trade references. Subscriptions are only available to trade professionals; the general public cannot subscribe, view or access the platform.

– Cost: The IAJA is sponsoring FREE access the first three months of membership for all approved exhibitors until January 1, 2021, and thereafter, nominal subscription fees will be charged within a tiered structure. The IAJA is also sponsoring visitors and trade professionals FREE access through June 30, 2021.

The Jewelers Circle is currently sponsored by Ferrari Shipping, NCDIA, GemGèneve, and the Jewels and Gems Society of Singapore. Additionally, Ferrari Shipping has offered their offices worldwide at no cost to view pieces sent between buyer/seller for consideration.

“We are committed to driving innovation and serving the needs of the global jewelry industry. The Jewelers Circle looks forward to launching additional platform features, more relationship driving opportunities, and relevant education in the near future,” states Fisher.

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To watch the launch video, visit here.


About Jewelers Circle:

The Jewelers Circle is a secure, trustworthy online platform intended to be the trade show organizer of today. Launched in 2020, it is dedicated to providing dealers, retailers, and trade professionals a safe, yet intuitive, digital space where they can showcase, discover, and trade jewelry, loose stones, pearls, and watches. The Jewelers Circle platform is only open to trade professionals, designed to connect exhibitors and retailers and to expand the traditional trade show model to fit the needs of our new world.


About International Antique Jewelers Association (IAJA):

Six reputable international firms have joined to create the International Antique Jewelry Association: Paul Fisher, Inc. New York, J. & S.S. Deyoung, Inc., G Torroni SA Geneva, Hancocks Co. Ltd. London, Ernst Farber Münich and Palais Royal Paris & Hong Kong. IAJA is a consortium of antique and period jewelers around the globe. The organization is committed to safeguarding the integrity and ethical behavior of the industry, seeking to elevate the understanding of the unique treasures they collect and trade.

Media & PR Contact: Jen Cullen Williams [email protected]