2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Judges

The Spectrum Awards™ is considered the finest jewelry and gemstone competition in the world. The judging panel changes each year and consists of experts from different disciplines within the jewelry industry. Entries are judged on a solid criterion which includes overall beauty and wearability, innovative design, effective use of materials, quality of gemstones, quality of workmanship, broad-base consumer appeal and potential to generate positive publicity for natural colored gemstones. Each piece is examined by hand with an eye for craftsmanship and quality of the materials used.

Darryl Alexander

Alexanders Jewelers

Darryl Alexander’s passion for design started at a young age and thankfully for the rest of us who enjoy the unique, the special and the magic that can only be created by a master gem cutter, Darryl took advantage of his teachings, took them to new levels and has never been afraid to create outside of the box!

Darryl began his design career with clothing but soon discovered gems and jewelry were really meant for him and 30 years later, Darryl is a multiple award-winning gem cutter, carver, miner and jewelry artist. Darryl’s resume is an impressive one which includes crafting jewelry for the famed Borsheim’s in Omaha, Nebraska, where he learned many new techniques and found a love of cutting rough into fabulous gems to be treasured in jewelry pieces for clients around the world. Darryl’s work has been featured in publications such as Modern Jeweler, Professional Jeweler, Lapidary Journal and Vogue.

Darryl is the proud winner of five Gemmy Awards, five AGTA Cutting Edge Awards™, five American Pearl Awards, three Arizona Jewelry Design Awards and two Headley-Whitney Bibliot Awards as well as being a featured artist at the Lizzardo and Headley-Whitney Museums.

Darryl resides in Arizona and has been married to wife, Linda for 26 years with seven beautiful children. He credits his success to his mom and dad who he says always encouraged him to be what he dreamed to be and to his wife, who has stood beside him through all of life’s joys and challenges. You can see more of Darryl’s work on Facebook at Darryl Alexander, Alexander’s Jewelers.

Randy Coffin

Coffin & Trout Jewellers

Starting in the business right out of high school, Randy quickly developed a passion for designing and creating beautiful jewelry while working for an independent custom jeweler.  In 1984, with his business partner Dave Trout, the two opened their first retail store with the goal of establishing themselves as the premier custom jeweler in Arizona.  They quickly became known for their unique designs utilizing only the highest quality gemstones and the upper echelon of craftsmanship.  Between Randy Coffin and Dave Trout, Coffin & Trout has been awarded a combination of fourteen AGTA Spectrum Awards™, Platinum Honors, and International Cultured Pearl Association awards; in addition to Dave Trout’s award-winning Gent’s Pagoda ring being in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

As an Arizona native, Randy serves his local community by participating in many charity events and serving on the board of the Tempe Diablos, most recently as the President of the Board.  After the passing of Dave Trout in 2009, Randy decided they best way to honor his friend was to create a charity bestowed with his name, which was founded the summer of 2009.  The mission of the Dave Trout Charities has always been to fund child-based charities focused on at-risk youth and children in need.

Randy’s design approach always begins with a beautiful gem which fuels creative ideas and sparks a new design.  The satisfaction that he derives from designing and delivering Coffin & Trout limited edition pieces and seeing the delight that his customers have from owning them is what gives him joy and fulfillment.

Andre Hahn

Vielle Jewelers, LLC

Andre Hahn was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil to German immigrants, who immigrated to the United States in 1967. Hahn began working with his father, a jeweler and jewelry designer by trade, as a teenager, learning all aspects of fine jewelry making and design.  He worked in several jewelry shops in New York, servicing high-end retailers.

In 1985, he joined Krementz & and Co. as a jeweler, eventually assuming responsibility for all corporate model-making. He worked closely with longtime AGTA member Richard Krementz, Jr., where he learned about fine colored gemstones and how to incorporate them into fine jewelry.

Hahn has been the owner of Vielle Jewelers, LLC since 2002.  Located in Midtown Manhattan, Vielle is a high-end contract jewelry manufacturer for the finest retailers, and colored gemstone and diamond dealers in New York City.  His specialty is helping clients execute their designs to reality and contributing expertise in design interpretation and fabrication.

Pieter Hye

Pieter Andries Jewelers

Pieter Andries Hye, a native of Belgium, began his career in the jewelry industry working in the Hye family business in Antwerp. As a gemologist and master goldsmith, he wore many hats in the business – sales, management, designer, goldsmith, and diamond and gem buyer.  Hye was honored to receive several international design awards, along with special commissions from Sheiks, Emirs, Heads of State, and even Belgium royalty.

In 1982, Hye came to the United States, eventually settling with his wife, Marie-Helene and their three children, in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.  With the inception of HP Creations, Creators of Fine Jewelry, he was designing and manufacturing for Harry Winston, H. Stern, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, and Corrigan’s to name a few.  Within ten years, Hye opened his first retail store, Pieter Andries, in Westlake, Texas, selling his own brand and creations, and developing a one-of-a-kind, full service jewelry experience for his clientele.

Hye, who also holds the prestigious title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser from the American Gem Society (AGS), is a huge proponent of education and serves as a mentor and educator to his staff.  With in-house training in gemology and diamond grading, to presentation techniques and business skills available to his staff, he also sends staff to GIA and AGS Conclave for continuing education programs.

Hye is a vital part of the jewelry community, serving as a long-time member of AGTA and AGS, as well as MJSA, the Jewelers Board of Trade, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and the Jewelers Security Alliance.  His dedication to service extends to his home community as well as a member of many business, service and charitable organizations.  Besides his passion for his family, community and the jewelry industry, Hye enjoys mentoring young people and those less fortunate. In his words, “retirement is not an option; it is an obligation to transfer knowledge, wisdom and to continue to educate and share with those that are willing to learn.

Dallas Prince

Dallas Prince & Company

As a published artist, Dallas Prince has been creating works of art in many unique mediums for the past 36 years. Her background includes an extensive career as a Creative Art Director in print and film, a News & Sports Anchor in broadcast, an on-air Host in television entertainment, and finally, a Jewelry Designer in the Home Shopping industry. It was in this new emerging marketplace of television and online shopping where her creativity and artistry merged to become a passion for designing jewelry. Jewelry has proven the ultimate three dimensional medium and each design echoes the same elegant sense of beauty as her paintings.

Dallas is known as “Vintage with an Edge” and has spent over 18 years creating jewelry for the television shopping industry in four countries where she personally appears for each and every show. Her namesake line, Dallas Prince Designs, features vintage styling, hand applied artistry, visionary mountings and exotic gemstones. Good fortune was bestowed upon Dallas as a multiple award-winning designer that has propelled her brand beyond television into the brick and mortar retail arena. That recognition gave her the confidence to elevate her business into the luxury level of jewelry design.

Based in Los Angeles, Dallas works with her husband, Vincent Ciurluini, a Graduate Gemologist who has also contributed to their list of award-winning designs. Of their 23 year marriage, 18 of those were spent creating their own love affair with the jewelry industry. While Dallas continues to design for her faithful television fans, as well as, a growing list of celebrity and social clientele, she remains committed to her unforgettable journey of design.