Smiles from Mine to Market

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We’re honored that Gem Junkies reached out to AGTA for their episode, “Smiles from Mine to Market”. Check out our CEO, Doug Hucker, being interviewed by Parle Jewelry Design’s Jonathan and Brecken Farnsworth about the future of AGTA.


Episode timeline:

0:46.0 – First memory of a piece of jewelry or gemstone

1:30.0 – What’s your story? How did you get here?

5:41.0 – What direction are you steering the ship?

8:06.0 – Elaborating on disclosure/transparency about gemstones

9:25.0 – What does the AGTA provide in regards to education?

16:46.0 – Showing color

20:07.0 – AGTA Experience

22:06.0 – Passion, knowledge and success

23:08.0 – Excitement around color

25:32.0 – How did the show get started?

32:17.0 – Favorite Tucson experience

36:33.5 – What was the first year you came to Tucson?

40:02.0 – Ethically sourced

43:35.0 – Let’s define what doing good is?

49:37.0 – Smiles from mine-to-market