Prof. Rossman Awarded the 2021 Roebling Medal

Dr. George Rossman

Dr. George Rossman, Professor of Mineralogy at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech),   has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Roebling Medal, the highest recognition given by the Mineralogical Society of America.

Professor Rossman has been a mentor to generations of mineralogists who have gone on to work at the GIA laboratories, as well as national and international universities and museums.

He is a former member of the GIA Board of Governors and is on the editorial review boards of, as well as a contributor to, both Gems & Gemology and the Journal of Gemmology.

His work deals extensively with the origin of color in minerals, and he and his students have researched and published critical scientific information on most of the gemstone species that make up the inventories of the industry. 

His many personal connections with dealers for donations of off-cuts, broken stones and other unsaleable goods are a critical source for his research, and he welcomes offers of gem materials from around the world, especially the newest discoveries.  His email is

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