During this time of the coronavirus, we want to help our members improve their online presence. In this series of emails titled "Marketing During COVID-19", you will find insights from AGTA, Member Benefits to help you market online, and helpful articles to help you get started with digital marketing.
What should you focus on?

During these uncertain times, business should still never stop. If we're not able to have face-to-face interactions with our customers, then there are many things that we can do in the interim. 

If you're not on digital, then NOW IS THE TIME to get started. Whether it's creating a website, opening social media accounts, or beginning email marketing - today is the day you should start spending time creating an online presence for your brand. If you already have one, then great! The key is to make it an even better tool to communicate with your customers.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, and we're all working at home, AGTA will be sending out these weekly emails to help our members get online and become more digitally savvy. Like the title of one of our favorite digital marketing podcasts, we want to make "Online Marketing Made Easy" for all of our members. Even though digital marketing can seem complex, but it doesn't have to be!

Here are some insights and articles that we have found helpful.
Now that social distancing will be extended to the end of April, we have put together a four-week email series to help you get online, tailored for the jewelry and gemstone industry. Below you will find a schedule of the topics we will cover!

Week 1: Announcement with helpful articles to get started
Week 2: Creating a Website
Week 3: Email Marketing
Week 4: Social Media
Why be an AGTA Member if you're not going to reap the benefits? Increase your brand's exposure during this time through social media and email marketing opportunities through AGTA's free and affordable opportunities.

FREE Stock Photography

During this time of social distancing, AGTA will be providing free stock photography to members without the 15 photo limitation!

Order Stock Photos

Participate with us in #AGTATogether!

Just because we have to be separated right now, doesn't mean we can't be together! In our ever-changing world, connection to each other is vital. We're launching #AGTATogether to help keep our AGTA Community connected, and we want to hear from you!

Show us your co-workers, kids or your dog! Tell us any news you'd like to share or your favorite recipe. #AGTATogether is a way for us to collaborate and connect.

How to participate:
  1. Decide on what you want to share with our community. Show us how you're working from home!
  2. Create your content.
  3. And share it! Don't forget to include #AGTATogether
Here is a list of resources to help you get started with digital marketing. The resources below have been pulled from a variety of different websites that have produced excellent articles. Please note, AGTA is not specifically endorsing or advertising a specific product; these are simply helpful resources to enhance your digital presence.

Email Marketing

How to get started with Email Marketing
Best Email Marketing Providers

Social Media

How to get started with Instagram
Marketing on Instagram

How to get started with Facebook
Marketing on Facebook

How to get started with Twitter

How to get started with LinkedIn


How to create a website
Best e-commerce website builders for you
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