Kurt Cavano, owner of the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Mine

About the Presenter: Kurt is the owner of the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Mine. He has been a stone cutting jewelry – making, rockhound for over 50 years and has owned the mine for the last 25 years.

When he is not digging for amethyst in the Four Peaks Mount ins, he has a day job in New York where he is CEO of Nimbly Made, a supply chain technology company. Featured as one of World Trade Magazine’s 50 most influential people, Kurt serves on several boards and is a frequent speaker and writer on topics concerning international trade and global supply chain management. But what he likes to talk about most though is the geology and history of the Four Peaks Amethyst Mine. He is clearly confused as to what world, (mining/jewelry or software/international trade) he belongs in. He really hopes to figure that out soon.

For his presentation, he will be bringing along rock samples and will discuss the geology, colorful history and challenges/joys of owning a mine located at 6600 feet of elevation surrounded by national forest and only accessible on foot or by helicopter.