Jewel Couture LLC Launches New Aria Emerald Collection

Aria Emerald Platinum Diamond Ring MIA Katrin for Jewel Couture LLC Copyright 2019Copyright 2019 MSRP $3490 (photo cropped)
Aria Emerald Platinum Diamond Pendant MIA Katrin for Jewel Couture LLC Copyright 2019 MSRP $2390(Photo cropped)
Aria Emerald Platinum Diamond bracelet MIA Katrin for Jewel Couture LLC MSRP $4990 Copyright 2019 (photo cropped)

March 20, 2019—Fleetwood NC. JEWEL COUTURE LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the new Aria Emerald Collection featuring exquisite Panjshir emeralds from the Himalayas set in platinum or 18 karat gold with diamonds. The fresh new Collection projects a luxe, high-end feel along with a classic yet elemental, up-to-the-minute vibe. Emeralds are definitely on trend and these fresh takes have a wide market appeal, suitable for everyday wear, “everyday luxe.” The custom cut emeralds are ethically sourced in a transparent and socially responsible manner. Soon to be released pieces include an emerald diamond platinum engagement ring with tagline “Emerald is the New Diamond.”  Also available soon will be 18 karat gold emerald and diamond pieces with MSRP beginning under $500.

For more information or to place an order:, [email protected], 336 329 9341. Jewel Couture LLC exhibits at all the major national trade shows. MIA Katrin for JEWEL COUTURE’S award-winning Collections are featured in over 100 top stores nationally and have been chosen by Hollywood A-Listers. MIA is a regular Byline columnist at The Retail Jeweler Magazine and Southern Jewelry News/Mid America Jewelry News. She regularly speaks at national conferences such as AGTA GemFair Tucson and AGS Conclave Seattle.


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