From Prism Volume III: CEO Letter with John W. Ford, Sr.

By John W. Ford, Sr., Chief Executive Officer

Dear AGTA members,

Fall is fast approaching, and as we say goodbye to the summer heat and hello to cooler weather, I hope everyone will have a hot holiday selling season ahead. I’d like to start with a housekeeping note. Please remember to send pictures of loose gemstones and finished jewelry to [email protected] so we can promote your company on our social media pages. Be sure to open the membership emails titled “Free Promotional Opportunities” to take advantage of editorial placement in ePrism and Prism. There are also many advertising opportunities to consider in our weekly newsletter (ePrism), our printed magazine (Prism), and at AGTA GemFair Tucson, so call the office with any questions.

From Prism Volume III: CEO Letter with John W. Ford, Sr.

Moving on to membership, I have always felt that one of the best indicators of the state of an organization is its membership. AGTA has grown by 62 members in the last 12 months across all membership classes. In comparing the membership numbers from August 2022 to August 2023, AGTA has increased Firm membership from 320 to 341 members, Affiliate membership has increased from 545 to 580 members, and Student membership has increased from 62 to 68 members.

Another critical organizational health indicator is trade show participation. AGTA sees great interest in the 2024 AGTA GemFair Tucson, both on the GemHall floor and in the Grand Ballroom. The organization is expecting significant increases to the Grand Ballroom, with additional exhibitors—with a national following—joining us for the first time in 2024. The GemHall floor, meanwhile, will also see additional exhibitors and be very close to capacity next year. Exhibitors will also see a new expedited registration process, and those whose invoices are paid in full will have a fast-track process.

And for a bit of fun in the 1700 aisle, expect to see the Krainz Creations’ race car with the AGTA logo (company owner Roland Krainz and his son Austin race Porsches) to bring some excitement to that area. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your photo taken in the car and enter the raffle to win a trip for two to see the car compete in one of its U.S. race destinations.

Looking ahead to 2024 AGTA GemFair Las Vegas, I’m optimistic as we currently have 40 companies on the wait list. We’ve added eight booths to the space between the AGTA Pavilion and Plumb Club, though those booths will only be available for a four-day show. We have also worked with JCK Show organizers to allow us to increase signage so the AGTA pavilion will be more clearly defined.

In closing, AGTA is experiencing positive membership and show trends, which objectively demonstrate that AGTA’s organizational health is sound. AGTA will continue to revise its accounting systems in 2024 to expedite and improve member experience.

I hope members are enjoying all AGTA’s improved assets and opportunities! Please do not hesitate to contact me with an idea or a suggestion at [email protected].

Best, John

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This article first ran in Prism Volume III 2023. See the flipbook by clicking here.