From Prism Volume II 2024: President’s Letter From Kimberly Collins

By Kimberly Collins, AGTA Board President

To my fellow AGTA members, Can you believe we are almost to the halfway point in 2024? We started off the year with a successful Tucson show from many standpoints, the first being enhanced security. Improved protocols, including re-registrations, kept us safer than ever. A big thank you to John and the AGTA staff, the JSA, the FBI, and the Tucson police for their hard work!

As far as sales, most exhibitors were unsure what the show would yield as holiday reports were less fruitful than the previous year, but many still reported record sums. Plus, the number of attendees increased ever so slightly.

From Prism Volume II 2024: President’s Letter From Kimberly Collins

To boost future sales, I encourage members and especially our show exhibitors to take advantage of AGTA’s marketing opportunities. Pay attention to requests for photos and information throughout the year for social media, ePrism, and Prism. These are FREE opportunities! Also consider taking advantage of cost-effective advertising opportunities in ePrism and Prism, which have rates that are one-quarter the price of other trade publications. Take ownership of your own personal marketing—use social media, invest in professional high-resolution photos of your products, try newsletter and magazine ads, it pays off! I want color and Pearls to continue to sell like crazy, and I want success for all of us! Utilizing these opportunities enables many AGTA members to do well.

Also top of mind is a recent trip to New York City in March that CEO John Ford and I took. Over a few days, John and I attended the United Nation’s (U.N.) Commission on the Status of Women, a JCK Las Vegas advisory meeting, a Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) luncheon, the Gem Awards (of which AGTA was a sponsor), the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) luncheon, and the 24K Club of New York.

From Prism Volume II 2024: President’s Letter From Kimberly Collins

At two events, important industry members were honored. AGTA member Matthew Stuller of Stuller was awarded the Stanley Shechter Award from the JVC for more than 50 years of exemplifying industry ethics in business. And JSA’s President John Kennedy, who retires at the end of the year, was honored at its event. Congratulations to both for being such stewards of the industry!

Out of all these functions, one of my biggest takeaways came from U.N. discussions. These included women’s empowerment principles and diversity, equity, and inclusion at different sectors of the supply chain. I initially felt insecure because at the supplier level, AGTA is a more male-dominated association, so I thought, where do we fit into all of this? As conversations flowed, however, and as I reflected on my 29 years as a gem dealer, my thoughts turned from insecurity to pride. AGTA’s Board of Directors (BOD) mostly comprised men, but more women have stepped up to serve, oftentimes encouraged by male peers.

Plus, while other organizations are just now trying to be more diverse and inclusive, AGTA has always been welcoming to all because it is inherently international. There are always areas to improve, but acknowledging how far we have come is equally important.

To all exhibiting at AGTA GemFair Las Vegas, I wish you successful shows!

Sincerely, Kimberly Collins, Kimberly Collins Colored Gems

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This letter originally ran in Prism Volume II. See the flippingbook by clicking here.