Everything You Need To Know About the 35th Anniversary of the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Competition

Example of 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection covers - AGTA PRISM Magazine Vol 1, 2019
Example of 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection covers - AGTA PRISM Magazine Vol 1, 2019
Example of 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection covers - Jewellery Business Magazine, February 2019
Example of 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection covers - Jewellery Business Magazine, February 2019

The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ are considered the most respected and prestigious creative award for the jewelry industry. With two divisions, Spectrum – the competition’s finished jewelry and the Cutting Edge Awards – the competition’s loose gemstone division, there is a category for every designer and lapidary artist! The Spectrum division includes categories such as: Bridal, Business/Day Wear, Classical, Evening Wear and Men’s Wear. The Cutting Edge division includes categories such as: Other Cut Gemstones, Classic Gemstones, Innovative Faceting, Carving, Objects of Art, Phenomenal and Pairs and Suites. Both divisions are a true contest of workmanship, creativity and innovation.  Winners set the standards of excellence for our entire industry. 

Why enter?
The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition has launched trends, increased visibility for designer jewelry, and inspired great innovation in the use of color and materials. Past Spectrum Awards winners have said the competition has potential to “propel your entire career to the next level.” The judging panel changes each year and consists of experts from different disciplines within the jewelry industry.  Each piece is examined by hand with an eye for craftsmanship and quality of the materials used.

The publicity that your company gets being a part of the entire AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Collection is unquestionable. The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Editors’ Day exposure is unprecedented with industry and non-industry editorial publications sending their stylists, bloggers, brand influencers, social media ambassadors and editors to see all of the pieces live. The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ is the only competition where every entry is seen in person by the press! Can you think of a better opportunity to get your piece covered in editorial?!

If your entry is selected as a Spectrum Award winner, then be prepared for the additional exposure that ensues!   From immediate coverage from Editors’ Day flooding social media, to participation in our celebrity photoshoot; from gracing a billboard in Times Square, to magazine covers and editorials; from a 20-foot banner gracing the entrance to AGTA GemFair™ Tucson to the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Showcase at GemFair, the coverage is extensive and priceless.

Get your designs ready today!
AGTA Spectrum Awards™ eligibility:

·         Open to all companies and individuals in the United States and Canada

o   All Canadian shipments must be accompanied by NAFTA form or it will be refused.

·         You do not have to be a Member of the AGTA to enter

·         Any jewelry or gemstone produced after August 2018 – has not been in print in any publications

·         The entry cannot be submitted if it has previously entered an AGTA competition or other industry competitions

·         No man-made gemstones will be accepted.

·         Entries must be finished pieces; no drawings will be accepted.

·         Entries that have made appearances on social media, published in publications or entered another jewelry competition could be pulled from the competition.

Important Deadlines:
Mail-in Entry Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2019

Please send entries to the AGTA Dallas office:
AGTA/Attn: Marketing
3030 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 840
Dallas, Texas 75234

New York Drop-Off: Tuesday, July 9th, 2019
Location – TBA. Hand-delivery only. NO shipments taken on this day.
Please Note: If you plan to hand-deliver your piece on this date, all paperwork and payments are due to the AGTA Dallas office no later than June 28.

Other Questions?
For further information regarding the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ contact AGTA Marketing at (800) 972-1162, [email protected] or visit the AGTA website at www.agta.org/awards.