Every Entry Wins at the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Editors’ Day Event!

AGTA hosts the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Editors’ Day Event immediately after the competition results are released. AGTA invites editors from consumer fashion publications and industry trade publications, fashion bloggers and social media ambassadors to the competition location in New York City to see ALL of the Spectrum entries that were submitted!

The attendees explore the room and are able to see, feel, and photograph every entry of the competition. Editors’ Day is often referred to as a go-to destination for discovering the newest designs, predicting upcoming trends and finding the perfect jewels for publication placement opportunities!

Why is this important to you as an entrant?! The opportunity to maximize your brand is limitless at Spectrum. There is not another event in this industry where you can pay just an entry fee and receive this kind of exposure! Your contact information is at these editors, bloggers and social media ambassadors’ fingertips and even walks out the door with each of them, thanks to the Editors’ Day Book! The Editors’ Day Book is given to every attendee and includes the designers’ name, company contact information and full description of the piece, for every entry – not just winners of the competition!

If you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen! So you don’t receive printed product placement from entering, but have you heard of this small thing called social media? Editors’ Day attendees love showing off all interesting entries they find at the competition and sharing it live at the event with all of their followers! The day of the event, AGTA’s social media and designated hashtags are blowing up!  As we know, social media posts from the event can help you gain consumer exposure, which leads to reposts on social media. With this engaging consumer outlet, you can take full advantage of promoting your business… for free!

That’s Not All, Folks. Once the attendees have had an opportunity to see every entry, they are asked to vote on their favorite entry which leads us to the last awards announced, Editors’ Choice Award! By winning that award, you receive all the perks as the previously announced winning entries and every entry is eligible to win this award!

To enter the upcoming 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ visit: www.agta.org/spectrum

June 28, 2019 – Mail-In Entry Deadline
July 10, 2018 – New York Drop Off