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Find Your 35th Anniversary AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Winning Gemstone!
By attending 2019 AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas - your ethical resource for all links along the jewelry supply chain you are sure to find your winner! MORE

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Be Ready for the June Birthstone: Pearl!
No sparkling gemstone or glittering jewel has fascinated people for thousands of years quite like the pearl. Stay tuned as we include June's other birthstones, Moonstone and Alexandrite, in the coming weeks! MORE

The Most Unusual Gems You've Never Heard Of
New York Times
See AGTA Members, Alberton Cushman & Co, American Gemological Laboratories, B & B Fine Gems, Equatorian Imports, Inc., Erica Courtney, Inc., Gemological Institute of America, Gemworld International, Inc., John J. Bradshaw, Tiffany & Co., and Wobito Gems, Ltd. featured in this article. MORE

Seven Things You Never Knew About Gemstones
Female First
See AGTA Member, Gemological Institute of America, featured in this article that showcases fun facts about gemstones! MORE

2019 GemFair Las Vegas


2020 Forecast Colour Palette as Viewed through a Gem Industry Loupe
Jewellery Business
Gemologists often ask me if colour forecasting is a science or an art—something fuelled by pure inspiration. My answer is it is a combination of in-depth research and flashes of intuition. MORE

Colored Stone Darkness & Brightness
GIA - AGTA Member
See AGTA Member John Dyer & Co, featured in this article for their use of fantasy cutting, and its ability to create a stronger impression of color in sunstone and tourmaline gems! MORE

Largest Square Cushion-Cut Tsavorite
GIA - AGTA Member
See AGTA Member, Bridges Tsavorite, featured in this article for having the largest known cushion-cut tsavorite Garnet, weighting in at 116.76 ct.! MORE

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Gemstone Found in King Tut's Tomb Formed When a Meteor Collided with Earth
In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the untouched tomb of Tutankhamen, a minor pharaoh who ruled over Egypt almost 3,300 years ago. MORE

Tanzania: Tanzanite Sales, Revenue Soar as Smuggling is Checked
All Africa
TANZANITE revenue has soared to a record level after construction of a wall around the rare gemstones mines, the Tanzania Mining Commission has said. MORE

Six Social Media Tips for Small Businesses Ready to Grow
Social Media Explorer
If you haven’t fully embraced social media for your small business, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy. As of April 2019, there were approximately 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide. MORE










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