Email Marketing During COVID-19



Do you use email marketing? Arguably, one of the most underrated tools in all of our toolboxes! Continue reading to see why you should focus on email marketing, and not just let it be a side act in your digital marketing campaign.
Email Marketing, Best Return on Investment

It has amazed us to see just how many businesses don’t utilize what the digital marketing industry calls their best return on investment. Email marketing is a very powerful tool and is wonderfully inexpensive.

Email marketing can be used to announce events, promotions, and accomplishments; invite customers to your store; send customers automated birthday discounts; and especially during this time right now, keep your clients up-to-date on what’s happening with your business, and what adjustments you’re making during this time. 

Let's dive into how email marketing can be an essential tool that your business should definitely take advantage of.

Keeping in Touch
People check their email on average 15 times per day. That should be all the reason you need to start marketing through email if you aren't already. But we know what you're thinking, you get tons of emails, from a lot of different businesses, very frequently - how could you possibly stand out?

The key is personalization and timing. People enjoy getting emails that are relevant to them, and that respect their inbox. But they strongly dislike emails that aren't relevant to them and are coming in too frequently. 

Personalization: Great ways to personalize an email is the content of the email and the subject line. Figure out how you would like to segment your email list; in other words, your customers. You can segment based on age, gender, location, the purchase amount, purchase frequency, if they've abandoned items in their carts, and many more! The more you segment your customers, the better you will be at creating captivating and personalized emails.

Timing: A good rule of thumb we like to operate by, is to try to limit emailing an individual more than twice per week unless it's very relevant and necessary. In addition, we have found that the best days of the week to email are Tuesday through Thursday - but this could be different for your business. It is best to test out different times of day and different days of the week to find when your audience interacts with your emails the most.

Whether you exhibit at trade shows or hold events at your retail shop, email marketing is a fantastic way to share that these events are happening.

Create a landing page on your website, or an event on Facebook and utilize an email campaign to drive attendance to relevant segments in your email distribution list.

If you want to hold a special sale on older inventory, run a promotion for Mother's Day, or a bonus program for your most loyal customers, you can use your email marketing software to help share your promotion and invite people to shop either on your website or in person.

No matter what the topic is, it's vital to regularly see if your customers are opening your email and clicking through to achieve your goal. Test different subject lines, play around with the “from” line a little, and different messages in the copy to see what performs well - what your customers react to.

The better you're able to speak to your customers, the more sales you'll make through email marketing!

Best Email Marketing Software
If you're thinking about getting started with email marketing or even shake things up with your current provider, here's a list of different email marketing providers that highlights what they're best at, so you can decide who would be best for your business.

Best Email Marketing Providers

How to get started with Email Marketing

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