Effy Hematian of Effy Jewelry Dies at 79

By Jennifer Heebner

Fatollah “Effy” Hematian of the same-name jewelry brand died peacefully on Sunday, April 30, 2023, surrounded by family.

The Hematians announced his death on the company’s Instagram page.

“Effy was a loving husband, father, grandfather, visionary and community leader. His honesty and humility only illuminate the industry-defining change he brought to the jewelry world. Through his unwavering belief in God, he demonstrated that we can live a life of passion and purpose leaving the world better than he found it.”

Effy Hematian of Effy Jewelry

The founder of a large-scale jewelry manufacturer of colored gemstone and Diamond pieces that supplied department stores and cruise line shops with inventory is remembered as a generous man who provided jobs to many.

Born in Iran in 1943, Hematian emigrated from there in the late 1970s and founded Effy in 1979. A background in electrical engineering helped him “design and see things other people don’t see,” he says in a company video online. He came with nothing and built a jewelry empire based in New York City over the past 44 years. He spent most mornings sketching designs and afternoons walking his factory floor. The brand utilized more than 150,000 carats of precious gemstones in designs each year and made the panther its recognizable design statement as it was Hematian’s “lifelong muse,” according to the company website.

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