Clemens Schwarzinge, Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials Johannes Kepler Universit├Ąt Linz

About the Presenter: Dr. Clemens Schwarzinger is associate Professor for chemistry at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. In 2016 he founded the Center for Scientific Gemmology at the University Linz and is scientific advisor of the Viennese Diamond Bourse. He is owner of a small company which is dedicated to precision gemstone cutting and developing novel cutting designs. In 2017 he won the US Faceters Guild Single Stone competition in the Master category, in 2018 and 2019 he was certified as Grand Master. In 2021 he was winner of the Gem A Photo Competition.

His academic research interests (in terms of gemology) focus on the identification of gem treatments and mineral chemistry, particularly on the use of trace elements for origin determination of garnets and coloration of zoisies/tanzanites as well as advanced spectroscopy. He is author of more than 80 scientific papers, gave hundreds of oral and poster presentations and is also lifelong collector of minerals with an emphasis on gem species.