#AGTATogether, Connecting Our Community

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Connecting Our Community

Just because we have to be separated right now, doesn’t mean we can’t be together!  In our ever-changing world, connection to each other is vital.  We’re launching #AGTATogether to help keep our AGTA Community connected, and we want to hear from you!

#AGTATogether Details

1. Decide on what you want to share with our community: Show us how you’re working from home! Show us your co-workers, kids or your dog!  Tell us any news you’d like to share or your favorite recipe.  #AGTATogether is a way for us to collaborate and connect.

2. Create your content. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pictures or video (under 60 seconds). Decide on what media you would like to go along with your message for #AGTATogether.

3. And share it! Post your story on social media and tag it with #AGTATogether so that we can find it! 

Don’t have a way to share it yourself?  Then please send us an email of what you’d like us to share! This will include a description that you would like us to convey and media (picture or video) to go along with it. Also, don’t worry, the description doesn’t have to be perfect. We will adjust it for various social media platforms we post to.

4. Don’t forget to email us! We want to know who is posting #AGTATogether, so that we can share your stories on our own social media accounts (over 120,000 followers!) Please let us know if you post, so we can re-post it, too.