AGTA GemFair™ Tucson

January 31 – February 5, 2023
Tucson Convention Center

Sponsored by: MJSA Journal LIVE
Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 3:00-4:00 PM
Meeting Room 204

Presenter: Helen Driggs

Cold Connections: Drilling and Riveting Organic Materials
Rivets offer jewelers a way to attach organic materials that can’t be soldered. However, those fragile materials first must be drilled, which can pose its own challenges. In this demonstration, Helen Driggs will offer a quick method to hold and drill materials without cracking, then follow that up with a demonstration of how to create, secure, and finish hollow rivets.

About the Presenter: Helen Driggs is an experienced metalsmith, artist, teacher, writer, and maker of things. A former columnist for Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist, she now writes a regular “At the Bench” column in MJSA Journal and blogs for Gesswein and the JOGS show. Her books include Metal Jewelry Workshop: Essential Tools, Easy-to-Learn Techniques, and 12 Projects for the Beginning Jewelry Artist (Fox Chapel Publishing, 2018) and The Jewelry Maker’s Field Guide (Interweave, 2013). Her blog can be found at

Sponsored by: MJSA Journal LIVE
Thursday, February 2, 2023, 3:00-4:00 PM
Meeting Room 204

Presenter: Gary Dawson

CAD Intelligence: Tips for “Blips” when Working in Rhino
CAD designers often must deal with “blips”—small problems that can cause big headaches. Gary Dawson will explore how to handle some common “blips” that occur in such tasks as filleting, blending, surfacing, and Boolean operations. He’ll explain which commands work best for given situations, show how to develop workarounds when problems can’t be avoided, and leave time to trouble-shoot attendees’ specific issues. For beginner to experienced modelers.

About the Presenter: Gary Dawson is owner of Gary Dawson Designs, an online custom design operation that was once featured as a “Best of the Best” by INSTORE Magazine. A recent recipient of the Jewelry Technology Leader Award from the Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, he is an Accredited Rhino Trainer by McNeel & Associates and has been teaching Rhinoceros 3D for many years (Rhino Jewelry CAD). He has also delivered seminars and presentations at numerous events, including AGTA GemFair Tucson, Portland Jewelry Symposium, and the Santa Fe Symposium.

Sponsored by: MJSA Journal LIVE
Friday, February , 2023, 3:00-4:00 PM
Meeting Room 204

Presenter: Rémy Rotenier

Customer Communication: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Pearls
Many fashion experts have noted pearl jewelry’s rising popularity in recent years. Pearls have found their way into assorted styles—even men’s accessories and engagement rings—and a picture can make all the difference when you’re explaining a design concept to a customer. In this hands-on session, Rémy Rotenier will teach you to sketch pearls of different types—round white, black Tahitian drops, and baroque—so you can bring them to life in all styles of jewelry, amazing your customers. No experience necessary, just the desire to draw. Pencils and pads will be available on site.

About the Presenter: Paris-born jewelry designer and award-winning artist Rémy Rotenier is well known for his extensive experience in all jewelry categories. Hired in 1990 by Tiffany & Co. in New York to be one of their three staff designers, he later moved to New Mexico to become design director for Kabana. Since 2006 he has been directing and managing Rémy Rotenier Inc., where he designs collections, teaching his famous rendering techniques in black and white and color, and custom design for private clientele. He has also released 3 three DVD sets since 2015: Counter Sketching of Jewelry, Color Rendering of Jewelry, and Advanced Jewelry Design.