Jason Marchiafava, CEO & Founder

Jason Marchiafava began his first apprenticeship in his family’s jewelry business at a very young age. There, he cultivated a strong foundation working in precious metals. Since childhood, he has had a passion for design, jewelry fabrication, hand engraving, and stone setting.

He began hand engraving in 1999 and started engraving fine guns and knives full-time in 2002, with a focus on Italian engraving techniques. Jason began teaching in 2004 and consulting jewelry manufacturing factories for advanced training in 2005. Later he would go on to apply his expertise within the corporate segment of the jewelry industry as the Master Craftsman of Tiffany & Co.

Following his time at Tiffany, he visited many of the world’s most exclusive high jewelry manufacturing facilities. Jason is a third-generation master craftsman with a deep understanding of old-world jewelry manufacturing processes. His lifelong passion for creating world-class jewelry and engraving work, along with a willingness to share through teaching, is a testament to his dedication to our industry.