Hayley Henning, Hayley Loves Color, Inc

Originally from South Africa, I am now based in Miami, Florida, after 20 years in New York City. I have over 25 years of marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) experience in the colored gemstone and jewelry industry.

My experience spans from retail to wholesale, diamonds to colored gemstones, literally from mining operations to retail floors, online presence, TV retail channels, understanding the full customer experience and supply chain. I have developed (and directed) many successful and unique marketing strategies, concepts and events and am well-known in the international jewelry industry from mine-to-market as well as with important stakeholders, designers, wholesalers, retailers, media, and industry professionals, experts and leaders.

I am a regular speaker at events and webinars. I am the former CEO of Greenland Ruby, having developed the company’s identity and introduced their gems into our industry as a new and responsible source of ruby. Prior to that I was the Director of the Tanzanite Foundation, our industry’s first colored gemstone marketing agency. My journey has taken me from the depths of an East African mine shaft, through the coldest and oldest ruby deposit on earth to the top of Africa’s highest mountain. My love for our industry has driven my intrigue and fueled my fascination with how colored gemstones link people with places!