Erica Courtney, The Courtney Collection

Known throughout the jewelry world as “Indiana Jones in 6-Inch Heels”, Erica Courtney travels the globe searching for the most precious, coveted and rare gemstones to create her unique 18k gold and platinum designs. From the jungles of Asia to the depths of Africa, no adventure is too dangerous if it means finding some of the earth’s most beautiful treasures! Inspiration for Erica is a magical phenomenon, a mysterious combination of sense and experience, and she’ll tell you that the gemstones themselves sometimes “speak” to her when she’s designing. Each gemstone has a story to tell. Erica’s signature Drop Dead Gorgeous collection features exceptional colored gemstones set in intricately detailed fine jewelry designs. Her recognizable feminine aesthetic adds a romantic angle to the adventurous tale of each gemstone she selects. Collectors of Erica’s work continue the story, wearing the jewels to fabulous events or adding a touch of glamour to their favorite casual outfits, knowing the heirloom-quality pieces will be enjoyed for generations.