Cynthia Renee Marcusson, Cynthia Renee., Inc.

Cynthia Renee Marcusson, began as a gem-mine geologist and founded Cynthia Renee, Inc. in 1990, one of the first colored gem wholesale companies owned and operated by a sole woman. Cynthia transformed the landscape of retailing colored gems in the 1990s with her innovative “infotainment” trunk shows, developed “Collector Culture” teaching retailers how to implement the psychology of collecting in their stores, trademarked a system for understanding color and wardrobing, and taught how to sell to the “female self-purchaser” back when it was unheard of…. Cynthia’s philosophy inspires consumers to see their jewels as symbols of personal growth, connection and empowerment. She advocates for a meaningful connection with jewelry, believing jewels can significantly enhance one’s journey towards authenticity and fulfillment. This perspective keeps clients returning seeking jewels that speak to their personal narratives, not just occasional adornment. Recognized as an industry leader, she’s a multiple award-winner, multi-term AGTA board member. Her industry contributions extend beyond business, shaping how we perceive and connect with jewelry.