Carlos Chanu, Owner, PCD Pearls

Hello, I am Carlos Chanu, Owner of PCD Pearls. I have been involved in the Jewelry and Gem Industry for over 40 years. Tahitian Pearls, along with other Cultured Pearls and more recently Natural Pearls have always been a very unique & incredible item. There is nothing else in our business that has the effect/feeling you get when a beautiful, lustrous, amazing gem such as a pearl is worn against the skin! I owned my own store in the late 1980’s and decided to go into the wholesale business from January of 1990. I was an Account Representative for one of the Finest & Largest Pearl Companies in the World…. Assael. I represented them for over 6 years and now I am back to representing myself, PCD Pearls. I also represent other amazing Designers and Companies like Nabil Mouzannar – London, UK, Marchisio 1859 – Torino, Italy, J Grahl Designs – California, USA (Objects d’Arte)