A Look Behind The Scenes of the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Judging

Last week, AGTA announced the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ winners! For a full list of the winners, click here! Entries are judged on a specific criteria which includes overall beauty and wear ability, innovative design, effective use of materials, and quality of gemstones, quality of workmanship, broad-based consumer appeal and potential to generate positive publicity for natural colored gemstones. The esteemed judges for the competition this year were: Paula Crevoshay, Mellika Company, Inc. / CREVOSHAY; John L. Carter, Jack Lewis Jewelers; Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs; Myriam Galli, Gemveto; and Brett Kosnar, Kosnar Gem Co. The judges of this year’s competition worked hard for two days reviewing and evaluating each entry. “The spirit of collaboration within our extremely professional and diverse panel of judges was such a delight to observe,” said Douglas K. Hucker, “We thanks each and every one of them for their time and dedication throughout the rigorous process.”

For further information regarding the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ contact AGTA Marketing at (800) 972-1162, marketing@agta.org or visit the AGTA website at www.agta.org/spectrum.