2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Instagram Live Series

2020 marks the launch of AGTA’s live Spectrum winner interview series hosted on Instagram! We will be doing a deep dive on the backgrounds of the winners themselves, their creative process in making their winning pieces, and sharing advice on how to take your business to the next level. All interviews will recorded and a copy will be posted on this page in case you missed one or want to go back and rewatch your favorite interviews!

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David Nassi

David Nassi won an astounding 7 awards in the competition this year, including the ‘Best of Show’ award for the second year in a row. 

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Rosa Van Parys

After only being in business for 3 years, Rosa Van Parys entered the competition for the very first time this year and took one of our favorite awards, ‘Best Use of Color’!
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Matthew Trent

Hear the story of a life-long jeweler winning his very first AGTA Spectrum Award! With relentless attention to detail and creativity, it’s no wonder this piece was a favorite among the industry editors.
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Brenda Smith

After winning her second Spectrum Award, take a deep dive into Brenda Smith’s creative process and how she came up with the design for her “Best Use of Pearl” winning peice!

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Edward Wilsek

This victory marked many firsts! Meet the first-time winner of our brand new category, North American Mined Gemstones. Not only was Edward Wilsek the first winner of this category, but this was his first time entering our competition and his very first AGTA Spectrum Award!
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Niveet Nagpal

6 awards, 4 pieces, 2 divisions. Get an inside scoop of how the AGTA Spectrum Awards has helped Niveet Nagpal of Omi Privé over the last decade launch a jewelry brand and discover a passion for jewelry design!
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Peter Schmid

It’s impossible to keep a poker face when looking at these “Lady Gaga Metropolitan Gala” earrings! Listen to how Peter Schmid’s inspiration and creative process brought these earrings to life and win the ‘Fashion Forward’ award.
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Eve Streicker

It’s been a big year for Eve Streicker, winner of the AGTA Spectrum Awards, Business/Day Wear Gem DIVA Award! Listen to this conversation between Jennifer Markas, Executive Directory of WJA, and Eve Streicker of Original Eve about Eve’s approach to life and business and how she has used this year to grow.
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Paula Crevoshay

Every creation has a story. Listen to this conversation between Jennifer Markas, Executive Directory of WJA, and Paula Crevoshay of Crevoshay about how she was inspired for each and every bespoke piece of jewelry she makes and won in this year’s competition.
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Kathleen Kerr

1st time enterer, 1st time winner! Look at Kathleen Kerr’s magnificent bridal winning piece and listen to how she comes to her inspiration.
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Darryl Alexander

An inspiration to us all! Driven by passion and a willingness to learn, even if it means being self-taught, Darryl Alexander of Alexander’s Jewelers, is a great example that we can do anything if we’re willing to go all in with our hearts and minds.

Michael Tope

Tune in to hear from the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards 1st Place Evening Wear winner, Michael Tope of Raintree, LLC! Get the inside scope of the power that social media has played for him, both creatively and in business.

Afshin & David Hackman

Entering a Ruby to commemorate their 40th year anniversary, Alan and his brother David Hackman of Intercolor USA won the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Cutting Edge Best of Single Entries award this year! Hear the impact that entering the AGTA Spectrum Awards has had on their business.

Erica Courtney

After winning several AGTA Spectrum Awards™, Erica Courtney of The Courtney Collection took her second Cutting Edge Award in the competition! Discover the trends that she’s noticed over the past year and how her business has evolved during the pandemic.

Nikki Swift

Winning with all Spinels, Nikki Swift of Nicole Mera takes home 4 AGTA Spectrum Awards™! Learn why she loves Spinels and all they have to offer, as well as, how relationships and making connections has helped her create a successful business.

Yanqing Asdurian

After entering the competition for the first time, Yanqing (Crystal) Asdurian won 1st Place in Carving for the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards! Her teacher Meg Berry has taught her well!

Zoltan David

Winning Spectrum since 1989, Zoltan David won two more awards in the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards competition! Listen to how his inner voice of intuition has helped him become the artist he is today.

Mikola Kukharuk

After being in the industry for over 30 years, Mikola Kukharuk and his team have learned that every gemstone has their own techniques to be cut. Listen to the story that brought their team to Colombia before working on the Emeralds featured in this winning suite!

Phillip Dismuke

Winning his 10th AGTA Spectrum Award, Phillip Dismuke of Jewelsmith, Inc. won 3rd Place in Business/Day Wear for the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition. Listen to where Phillip gets his inspiration and how they’ve started using Meteorite and Wood within their pieces during the pandemic to make their jewelry more affordable!

Tariq Riaz

From computer engineering to finding his way to fine jewelry, Tariq Riaz of Tariq Riaz, won his very first two AGTA Spectrum Awards™ in the 2020 competition! Listen to how his unique perspective lead him to making fine jewelry with a focus on function.

Ziad Noshie

After winning second place in the Objects of Art category for the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition, Ziad Noshie with Almaza Jewelers is almost done with his gemstone aquarium! Listen to this whole interview for an incredible story of his life, and how he become an acclaimed jeweler and vintner.