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Retailers' Reference Guide

AGTA has finished production of the CIBJO Retailers' Reference Guide, a comprehensive reference book designed to assist sales associates in the retail store in providing accurate information to clients.  The book is the result of a collaborative effort by CIBJO members around the globe and covers colored gemstones, diamonds, pearls and precious metals.

The book is spiral-bound and sections are divided out with easy-to-read tabs for quick navigation.  Key Facts pages discuss the important quality factors for each category.  The guide then focuses on specific gemstones, taking an in-depth look at the characteristics of each, lore, origin, treatments and care.  Using this book, sales associates can quickly answer the majority of client’s questions, instilling confidence and helping to close the sale.


The American Gem Trade Association is committed to educating consumers and jewelry professionals about colored gemstones and cultured pearls. As the Authority in Color, the AGTA is determined to offer the most effective, useful sales tools available as we strive to increase awareness of colored gemstones and cultured pearls.


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