AGTA Spectrum Awards Deadline 1 Week Away 

The deadline for entries for the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition is next Friday, September 23rd.  All entry forms must be submitted by this date whether you are shipping your pieces to AGTA in Dallas or dropping off your piece at the New York drop-off on October 4th.

The opportunities for exposure in this year's Spectrum Awards are unprecedented.   AGTA will host its annual Media Event, where editors, bloggers and stylists will spend time scouring the entire collection looking for innovative designs and new trends.  Platinum Guild International is once again sponsoring Platinum Honors™ and the Palladium Alliance has established the Palladium Prestige™ awards.  Both of these divisions will create tremendous additional media exposure. 

AGTA has also arranged for the winning pieces to be modeled by Hollywood actresses this year.  Regina King of Southland and Julie Benz of Desperate Housewives and Dexter, will participate in a photo shoot coordinated by celebrity stylist Tod Hallman and fashion photographer Ben Cope.  The pictures will be made available to consumer and trade magazines for covers and featured stories.

Winning a Spectrum Award is a benchmark for jewelry designers and can make a big difference in their business based on the incredible exposure that the competition generates.  If you have thought about entering the AGTA Spectrum Awards™, but never have, then this is the year to give it a shot.   Entry forms and information can be found at



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