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April 2008


AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas Seminar Program
The AGTA GemFair™ Cultured Pearl & Jewelry Pavilion is the best venue to buy colored gemstones, cultured pearls and the latest trends in jewelry. Buy with confidence from the marketplace for natural colored gemstones, cultured pearls and colored gemstone jewelry.

It is also one of the best places to be for seminars. Seminars will be offered focusing on color and fashion presented by industry leaders on Wednesday, May 28th. Hear what's new, what's hot and what's next for the jewelry industry.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Labs Panel
9:00 am – 10:15 am
Moderator: Gary Roskin, Senior Editor, JCK Magazine
Panelists: Cap Beesley, American Gemological Laboratories; Banko Deljanin, EGL-Canada and GHI India; Dr. Lore Kiefert, AGTA GTC; Shane McClure, GIA
As issues and commercial opportunities have changed in the gemstone world, the industry's labs have responded. In this session, learn from representatives of some of the leading laboratories about their lab's practices regarding descriptive statements and grades for colored gemstones and pearls, including issues such as origin, irradiation enhancement and more.

Best Profits from Colored Gemstones
10:45 am – 12:00 pm
Richard Drucker, Gemworld International – The GemGuide
Richard Drucker brings the latest information regarding colored gemstone availability and pricing, including what gemstones are favored by both supply and fashion. For jewelers who offer custom design, for astute retailers who stock color, for manufacturers who are interested in trends forecasts for strategic planning, this session is full of detail building to insight.

Cultivate Your Pearl Business
2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Moderator: Kathy Grenier, Cultured Pearl Association of America

Panelists: Esther Fortunoff, Fortunoff’s New York; Martin Coeroli, Perles De Tahiti
In this session you’ll learn about cultured pearls from classic to cult. You’ll find out the key information you need to understand what’s available, what’s exciting and what your clients need to know. You’ll also learn about freshwater, Tahitian and more.

Hollywood to Hometown: Product Placement Works
2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Douglas Hucker, AGTA
Doug Hucker looks at jewelers who make and work their connections with local celebrities and gets to the details regarding what you need to plan for and deliver to make such commitments work.

Ethics of Ecology and Sustainability (panel discussion)
3:45 pm – 5:00 pm
Moderator: Gary Roskin, Gemstone Editor, JCK Magazine
Panelists: Armand Asher, Asher Pearls; Eric Braunwart, Columbia Gemhouse; Michael Rae, Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices; Tom Cushman, Allerton Cushman & Co.
There is more to how a gemstone "faces up" than the color of the gem. These panelists explore new ways in which the industry interacts with those who mine, the sources from which gems are mined, how issues of ecology interact with economy and more.

The AGTA GemFair™ Cultured Pearl & Jewelry Pavilion opens and closes one day before the main show. This is your opportunity to shop for the best selection of colored gemstones, cultured pearls and colored gemstone jewelry. Show dates and hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Thursday, May 29th and 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday, May 30th – Monday, June 2nd.


AGTA GTC Mobile Laboratory Onsite at GemFair Las Vegas
The AGTA GTC Mobile Laboratory will be onsite at AGTA GemFair™ Las Vegas from May 29 – June 2, 2008 in the AGTA GemFair™ Cultured Pearl & Jewelry Pavilion. Have your important gemstones tested at the show and give buyers another tool for their sales presentations to their customers.

The AGTA GTC Mobile Laboratory provides fast and reliable service. Services will include gemstone identification, gemstone origin determination, Tanzanite Grading Reports and more. Don't miss this opportunity to have your gemstones tested. The AGTA GTC Mobile Laboratory opens at 10:00 am on Thursday, May 29th.

For more information, please contact the AGTA GTC at 212-752-1717.


Code of Ethics and Disclosure Reminder
AGTA Members are proud to uphold the highest ethical standards as defined in the Association's strict Code of Ethics to include an unwavering commitment to appropriate and precise disclosure of gemstone enhancements. This commitment to professionalism elevates the AGTA Members and sets them apart from the competition. It is well documented that consumers have greater confidence in purchasing from jewelers who are affiliated with Associations committed to ethical business behavior and consumer protection.

The AGTA Code of Ethics was one of the first standards of professional conduct established in the colored gemstone industry, and it is still among the highest. The Code of Ethics ensures that Members can rightfully earn the respect and confidence of the jewelry industry and the consuming public. Along with the AGTA's Constitution, the Code of Ethics provides a foundation for the Association and its Members.

If you are a wholesale dealer or manufacturer you must provide disclosure information in writing on your commercial documents. The informationitself is available to you in the Gemstone Information Manual that was included with your recently mailed Source Directory, you can also find it on We can also provide you with stickers to affix to your memos and invoices.

And make sure you remind your customers that they can be confident in the purchases they make from you. Remind them that as a Member of the American Gem Trade Association you sign a Code of Ethics document each year to renew your commitment to full disclosure.

If you are a retail jeweler, call and request your free sample copy of our most popular brochure Gemstone Enhancements, What You Should Know. This attractive 18-page brochure is written for the consumer and discusses clearly and simply the typical enhancements in most of the gemstones you are carrying in your store. We also provide a wide range of gemstone cards with enhancement information on the back. Your customers love to get information in writing!

Take the time, in every colored gemstone jewelry presentation you make to include this short and simple statement…"By the way; did I mention that we are members of the American Gem Trade Association? This Association admits Members who are gemstone professionals committed to ethics, professionalism and consumer protection." You will be pleasantly surprised at the impression those few words can make.

Reaffirm your commitment to the AGTA by submitting your invoice and your Code of Ethics confirmation by fax to 214-742-7334. To download a Code of Ethics confirmation form, click here.

Thank you for your commitment and your support of AGTA.


2008 JA New York Summer Show Opportunity

AGTA gemstone dealers are invited to exhibit under the American Gem Trade Association banner in the JA New York Summer Show, July 27-30. Give your company an important address by exhibiting with over 50 AGTA Members.

The JA New York Summer Show is sponsored by the largest retail association, Jewelers of America. The show’s location is home to U.S. based jewelry industry manufacturers, retailers and diamond dealers. Over 13,000 buyers attended the 2007 Show.

Colored gemstones are an important segment of the market which attendees are looking to source at the JA New York Summer Show.

The show booth package includes a hard-wall booth shell, carpeting and company sign for a secure and professional look.

Contact the AGTA office now and ask for Mary Lou or Patti at 800-972-1162.




FedEx Update
Many Members have already signed up for the FedEx program. They are taking advantage of special discounts and saving up to 26% on FedEx® services. Now, is the opportunity to save even more! Save an additional 5% when you process eligible FedEx Express® shipments using FedEx Ship Manager® at

Remember enrollment is free and there are no minimum shipping quotas.

Your American Gem Trade Association Member Discounts:
FedEx Express: up to 26% on select services

FedEx Ground: up to 15% on select services

FedEx international shipments: up to 20% on select services

FedEx Kinko’s: up to 15% on select services

Eligible shippers may also be able to take advantage of FedEx Declared Value Exception to declare a higher value, at a reduced rate of up to 30¢ per $100 (a 50% discount), on eligible FedEx Express shipments.

For further details and to download an enrollment form, click here.




AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Video Now Available
For the first time, a video documented the AGTA Spectrum Awards™. The video sponsored by Robert Kane and Fine Gems International was first viewed at the AGTA Dinner Dance and Awards Gala at AGTA GemFair™ Tucson. Now it is available on!

Take a look at what the premiere colored gemstone and cultured pearl design competition is all about. Hear what Spectrum Committee Members, top Media and Industry Professionals have to say about the competition, workmanship and creativity.

Check out how each piece is painstakingly displayed for the esteemed judging panel and the media event. Go behind the scenes at the model shoot with industry photographer, Jack Deutsch.

Most importantly, become part of history when AGTA celebrates its 25th Anniversary of the AGTA Spectrum Awards™. Enter the competition that awards excellence in design!



Color Wheel
By Debbie Yonick
The outlook is bright for spring, at least color-wise, according to the Pantone Color Institute. But there are also touches of softer, more floral-like shades. Describes Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman: "The spring '08 color palette perfectly reflects the cheerfulness of the season. Stabilizing neutrals combined with pops of brighter colors to create unique, distinctive looks are the basis for a great spring and summer wardrobe."

Topping designers' palettes this spring is a deep, sophisticated cobalt blue, which Pantone calls "Snorkel Blue." Next in designer appeal is a cheerful and inviting yellow, dubbed "Freesia," ideal for diverse accessorizing, especially in jewelry and shoes. Influenced by our eco-awareness are two takes on earth-tone yellow-greens in fresh, crisp limeade identified as "Daiquiri Green" and a warm, trans-seasonal "Golden Olive." Also, prevalent are shades of sweet, juicy "Cantaloupe," which strike a balance between coral, peach and orange. Purple continues to be a wearable color in "Spring Crocus," a variation of fuchsia with pink undertones. While the season's pink is a softened, cooler shade of "Pink Mist," which works well with both neutral and vivid jewel tones. The importance of red will continue into future seasons, with spring '08 evolving fall's spicy "Chili Pepper" hue into a brighter, classic "Rococo Red." Among the new neutrals are a warm buttery "Croissant," dove or silver gray and low luster gold.

There are many influences at work in pushing these colors to the forefront of the season including our quest to forge a greater connection with our planet (expressed in earth tones); our desire to achieve trust, clarity and balance in our lives (expressed in the blues of the sky and sea); our search for attainable luxury and modern renditions of classics (expressed in rich jewel tones offset by brilliant reds, whites and blacks); and our longing to be happy (expressed in vivid candy-like colors). Key directions encompass a sensual minimalism, organic motifs, architectural and industrial spirit, gothic flare with a touch of medieval-magic and royal mysticism and a playful, romantic luxury.

Colored gemstones provide a wealth of options to satisfy any fashion tendency or desire. Among the many choices include blue and fancy sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, morganite, green and pink tourmaline, Mexican fire opal, amethyst, citrine, peridot, iolite, black and blue spinel, blue zircon, blue and precious topaz, blue and lavender chalcedony, chyrosprase, moonstone, coral, turquoise, lapis, jade, tiger's eye and a variety of garnets in reds, oranges and greens and quartz gems, most notably smoky, rutilated and crystal.

Visit for the hautest tips.



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