Affiliate Members

Any company primarily interested in promoting consumer awareness of colored gemstones can apply for Affiliate Membership. The company must have been established for at least two years immediately preceding application for membership and supply goods or services to the jewelry industry. Retail jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, jewelry designers, colored diamond dealers, antique and estate jewelers, appraisers, and goldsmiths are eligible for Affiliate Membership, as are gemologists, gemological laboratories, manufacturers, suppliers of tools, findings, equipment and displays.

Associated Industry Professional Affiliate Membership
A company or individual who is involved in the industry such as gemologists, gemological laboratories, appraisers and others along this same line of operation.

Manufacturing Affiliate Membership
A company that manufactures and designs jewelry pieces using colored gemstones or cultured pearls.

Retail Affiliate Membership
A company that is operating in the retail jewelry business selling colored gemstones or cultured pearls.

Annual Dues: $350.00

Student Affiliate Membership
The AGTA recognizes the need to encourage up-and-coming professionals to continue their career in the wondrous world of natural colored gemstones. Any person involved in a formal program relating to the study of gemology including natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls qualifies for Student Affiliate Membership. Student Affiliate Members are eligible to receive membership for three years from the date the individual is accepted for membership. The Student classification of membership can be renewed annually throughout your industry schooling and for two years after completion. After being an AGTA Student Affiliate, we encourage you to continue membership in the Association as a Firm or Affiliate Member.

Annual Dues: $50.00


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