Complaint Resolution Service

The American Gem Trade Association offers a complaint resolution service through its AGTA Ethics & Grievance Committee. The purpose of this service is to help mediate disputes that may arise between AGTA Members and their clients. It is available to AGTA Members and non-Members alike, including wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

The nature of the disputes may vary, from non-disclosure or improper disclosure issues to disputes over ethical practices, and it is the goal of the AGTA Ethics & Grievance Committee to help both parties come to a mutually amicable resolution of the problem.

To file a complaint against an AGTA Member company, you must provide AGTA with a written, notarized letter summarizing the issue, along with any supporting documentation, i.e. copies of invoices, memorandums, correspondence, etc. Complaints should be sent to: AGTA Ethics & Grievance Committee, c/o AGTA, 3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 840, Dallas, TX, 75234.  Please note that we cannot proceed with the Ethics & Grievance process without a notarized complaint. Please contact Kami Swinney at 800-972-1162 with any questions.



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